Git Common Tasks

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Nathaniel Mar 05, 2015

Add Remote for Existing Project

Initialize the local directory as a Git repository.

$ git init

Create a .gitignore file in the root directory of the project.

Add the files in your new local repository. This stages them for the first commit.

$ git add .

Commit the files that you’ve staged in your local repository.

$ git commit -m 'First commit'

Add the URL for the remote repository where your local repository will be pushed.

$ git remote add origin [remote repository URL]

Verify remote repository

$ git remote -v

Push the changes in your local repository to GitHub.

$ git push origin master

Remove the Latest Commit before Push

$ git reset --soft HEAD~1

Force Pull & Overwrite Local Repository

$ git fetch --all
$ git reset --hard origin/master

Force Push & Overwrite Remote Repository

$ git push [remote] [branch] -f
$ git push origin master -f # Example