LeetCode Question Counter

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Nathaniel Jan 05, 2019

Nowadays almost everybody who’s looking for a job in the IT industry relies on LeetCode to prepare for technical interviews.

If you are an intensive LeetCode user, you might have created some personal question lists. Or, at least you have used the filters (e.g. “difficulty=medium”, “tag=array”) to find the questions you’re interested in.

When looking at the questions in your custom list, have you ever been wondering how many are there, or how many out of them have you completed?

I did, but I couldn’t find it.

It’d be so nice if LeetCode provided this counting feature out of the box. Unfortunately, it doesn’t, so we gotta do something by ourselves.

In order to make it show the number of questions, both completed and total, we first need to install a browser plugin/extension that runs custom javascript code (e.g. Custom JavaScript for websites for Chrome).

Then, set up a rule to run the following code whenever a webpage starting with “leetcode.com” is completely loaded:

$(function() {
    let titleDOM = $('th.reactable-th-question_title').children('strong');
    let statusDOM = $('th.reactable-th-status');
    let tableDOM = $('tbody.reactable-data');
    let filtersDOM = $('div.filter-tag-bar');

    let refresh = function(){
        let count = $('tbody.reactable-data').children().length;
        let acCount = $('tbody.reactable-data').find('td[value="ac"]').length;
        titleDOM.text('Title' + ' (Total=' + count + ')');


    let config = { attributes: true, childList: true, subtree: true };

    let observer = new MutationObserver(refresh);
    observer.observe(filtersDOM[0], config);